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Doctor or Daddy? There's no way Dr. Greer can be both.

He’s my patient.

He's off-limits.

He's a twenty-one-year-old young man who’s battled with Hodgkin lymphoma throughout adolescence. Given two years of complete remission, Austin Villiers should be out there living his best life. Instead, he walks the wings of the cancer treatment center, spreading hope and smiles.

My patients’ lives aren’t the only ones he touches. His presence reminds me why I chose this path years ago. But, I have feelings for this boy that goes against everything I believe in. He doesn’t make it easy when he reveals his virgin heart belongs to me.

It's been a long time since I've wanted to be called Daddy. Austin brings back all those protective tendencies. But, how can I break the simplest rule of being a medical practitioner by dating a patient?

The Simple Rules To Not Fall For My Doc is a low angst, light daddy kink, forbidden romance between an oncologist and a patient in complete remission. The books in this series can be read out of order.


What do you do when you meet the man of your dreams, but you’re already engaged? You become best friends and hope for the best.


It was a meet-cute that should have come with a happy ending. I was hardly at my best when I caught Andy snapping photos of me topless in the name of street photography. I fired angry words at him. In exchange, he gave me his jacket to keep me warm. Thus began our friendship and an unrequited crush on a man who was about to get married.


After a photography assignment in the Middle East left me scarred, I have no choice but to face the many issues in my life—my marriage is over, my wife has moved on, and I may never hold another camera between my hands. But there’s no hurdle I can’t get over once I have my best friend, Baz, in my life. When he tries to transition from a stylist to a journalist at the magazine where he works, he enlists my help in writing a column. How can I prove to him that moving from best friends to lovers makes sense when he’s determined to prove the opposite?

To Not Date My Best Friend is a bi-awakening romance between a plus-sized stylist who’s claimed his place in the fashion world and a bi-curious photographer who happens to be his best friend. This book can be read as a standalone and has mild angst in some parts.

To Not Marry.png

He’ll rue the day we say “I do”.


Being jilted once was bad enough, and it won’t happen again. This time I’m marrying for business. When my current fiancee dupes me a few days before the wedding, luckily she leaves behind someone who can take her place. It’s the right thing for him to do, since he convinced her our wedding was a sham. If he doesn’t agree, I know just how to get him down the aisle.


The first time I met Ford, I knew instantly we were bound to be enemies. I loathe every gorgeous, pretentious inch of the man, even after the I dos. If it’s a marriage he wants, then a marriage he’ll get…starting with our honeymoon. I’ll make our marriage such an unbearable hell that he’ll ask for an annulment. When my plan backfires and I accidentally sleep with my new husband on our honeymoon, things take a turn I least expected. Now I need a divorce…or maybe not?

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