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The Taking Care Series

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I will never call a man two years older than my sons Daddy. Nope, never gonna happen.
Until It Does
Owen's not your typical boy .
He's 21 years older.
He's physically bigger.
He has his sh!t together.
And the last of his three kids just left home.
Yet, the moment Declan mentions the word "Daddy", Owen can't stop thinking about it.

Declan's not your typical Daddy.
He's too young.
He's physically not as strong as Owen.
But, he's filthy rich.
He craves pampering Owen. A
nd, he's not afraid to discipline his Boy when it's needed.
With Declan, Owen's about to experience the finest pleasures of life. When Declan's greatest fear confronts him, will he be able to let his Boy in, or will he walk away to spare Owen?

Take Care of Me.jpg

I will never quit my job at 46-years-old. Nope, never gonna do it.

Owen's no ordinary Boy

He's the Boy who declines a Black Card with no preset spending limit.
He's the Boy who asks for audiobooks when he can have anything his heart desires.
He's also the Boy who refuses to quit his job even though his young Daddy is all set to support him and his dreams.

Declan's one extraordinary Daddy

One who hates punishment but knows when his Boy needs a bit of discipline.
One who doesn't take too kindly to anyone making his Boy's life a living hell.
And one who promises to live up to his Boy's hidden fantasies.

When Owen and Declan's bubble of happiness is disturbed by external factors, will Declan be able to convince him that if he's not too old to find love, then he's not too old to pursue his dreams?


The satisfying conclusion of the Older Boy/Younger Daddy trilogy you've been waiting on.

Declan may just be your typical Daddy.
He indulges his Boy.
He takes care of his Boy's family.
He steps in when Owen doesn't quite know what to do.
And he's committed to ensuring everyone is happy.

Owen may just be your typical Boy.
He's eager to please his Daddy.
He knows who to turn to in a crisis.
And he knows he'll never be judged by Daddy for the ways in which he wants to explore his sensual side.

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