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As the Enforcer and Road Captain of the Grimm Reapers outlaw biker club, there’s very little Booker is afraid to confront. His grandaunt coming to town to visit him is one exception. When he turns to Zak, a newly patched member, for help, all he wants is to borrow Zak's home for the weekend. He never meant to book himself a boyfriend too in the process. As their forced proximity pushes them to explore the sexual tension between them, Will Booker be able to stay away from Zak?

This is a prequel to the Grimm Reapers of Smoky Vale gay MC romance. This book focuses on morally ambiguous characters and is light in comparison with the rest of the series.




Can an outlaw biker president and the chief of police's son defy the odds and be together?

Thirteen years ago, he came into my life as my son’s best friend. Knobby knees and eyes wide with admiration. Six years ago, he exited my life, leaving Smoky Vale behind for good. Or at least so I thought. Now he’s back, and he’s made it clear what he’s after. Me. The President of the Grimm Reapers. His best friend’s father. Now his lover and his protector. But when my life is cloaked with uncertainty, death, and retaliation, how can I keep this beautiful brave boy knowing that my love is poison?

My best friend doesn’t understand the way I feel about his dad. My father, the chief of police disapproves of the relationship. My supervisor cautions me against it—that it won’t be long before I end up in a body bag. But one day with Grimm is better than a lifetime without him. It’s a risk I am willing to take because the biker the world knows is not the Daddy Grimm who comes to my bed, ready to bare it all for his boy. Secrets must be confessed, lives must be taken, new paths must be forged. Can we survive the war that’s about to rage in Smoky Vale?



A cold-hearted club enforcer...
An undercover snitch in love...
And a kidnapped boy both men lust after…

“You don't have to fear your virtue. I don’t sleep with what I have to kill.”

As the enforcer of the Grimm Reapers motorcycle club, it’s my job to remove threats to my brothers. Fable should be dead…not bringing out my protective instincts and making me believe in a second chance with Zak.

“Karma’s a bitch that comes dressed in the form of loving two men with whom I have no future.”

Joining the Grimm Reapers under false pretenses is possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. Falling in love with the enforcer of that club and the boy he wants to kill ranks just as high on my stupidity scale. But the danger isn’t enough for me to let them go.

“I made him see there are more benefits to keeping me alive than killing me.”

I grew up hearing horror stories about the bikers of Smoky Vale. When they capture me, I must do everything to hide that I’m a little. But the bikers aren’t what I expected, and my little craves them as my Daddies. Can we three misfits find common ground that brings out the best in each other?




After a betrayal destroys Mort's dreams of love and family, he pledges his undying loyalty to the Grimm Reapers. As their newly appointed enforcer, he instills fear and carries out vengeance without mercy. The last thing he needs is the club’s notorious hangaround boy sliding beneath his sheets and messing with his head. Not when trouble is brewing for the club again, and this time it might all be Mort’s fault.

Cass’s reputation is legendary in Smoky Vale. Insatiable as he is, he has no plans to settle down anytime soon. Until he sees how happy his friends are with their men. Too bad the only man Cass wants will never trust him with his heart.

Now that he’s dancing and gaining even more popularity, will Cass forget about Mort and look for love elsewhere? Will Mort stick to his plan and leave Cass alone or will he give the boy the chance to prove his love and loyalty?

eMilesHigh (1).jpg



One look at a raggedy Miles who crashes the clubhouse and every instinct in his body is to keep and protect. Then he hears three words that would seal his fate.
When Miles no longer needs his protection, Rubble must find an excuse to see him again. But Miles’s hot and cold reaction is sending Rubble mixed signals.


Miles’s desperate search for a protector leads him right into Rubble’s arms. For the second time.
The huge biker, covered in tattoos, should scare him, but with the enormous threat at his back, all Rubble provides is comfort. He makes Miles feel safe…for the time being.

Everyone thinks the threat to Miles is gone, but there’s an even bigger enemy that’s been haunting him for years. Miles has already caused the demise of one biker. The last thing he needs is for another to be killed while protecting him.
As the darkness that lurks inches closer, what will it take for Miles to trust Rubble to protect him?

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For the first time, Max has it all...and he intends to keep everything, even if it means encouraging his stalker.

Max has never had much in life, but his luck changes when he inherits a fortune from an ex-lover, a lucrative strip club, a ghost that knows his deadly secret, and a stalker fixated on Max. Focused on running the strip club, Max doesn’t have time for romance. He sure as hell isn’t counting on out-of-town biker President Crowe to turn his world upside down.

Crowe's arrival in Smoky Vale is all business...Get Grimm to join the alliance of bikers and help maintain the order of the Smoky Vale chapter. When he runs into Max, he feels desire—for the first time in years,. Unwilling to let that go, Crowe returns to a dangerous habit...stalking his prey. He'll do anything to protect Max, but Max must never know the creep who watches him from the shadows and kills for him is the same man who warms his bed and heart.

When the secret Max and Crowe hide from each other is revealed, will it destroy them or bring them closer together?

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