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In the daytime, he’s a force to be reckoned with. But when he “clocks out”, he prefers total submission.  


As his second term in the White House commences, everyone wants to know the secret behind the successful first term of the unflappable president.   Is it the support of his dedicated wife? The brilliance of his loyal staff? Or his meditation routine?  


The president leaves them all guessing.  


Behind closed doors, a dangerous dance unfolds. In stolen moments when the weight of a powerful nation subsides,

A truth emerges, known by only a select few.

A devoted team of Secret Service men stands ready,

Bound by duty to fulfill his every need.  


And when the deed is done, there's one man who puts him together again to resume his duty to his country.  

Secret Service

  • Tags: MM romance, cheating, sharing, HEA, bodyguard romance.

  • 15, 000

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