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Excerpt from The Nerd & The Ex-Con

Here's a chapter from my Patreon serial The Nerd and the Ex-Con. It's approximately 30k words with two chapters updated weekly.


I couldn’t remember a time when I’d felt this crazy with need just from looking at someone. A man at that. Scottie, with his pale skin, slender limbs, and braces. Scottie with the sweet piece of ass that’d been running through my mind since we met. Even before I knew he was available for the taking.

And fuck if I didn’t want to take him.

He had an innocent air about him that intrigued me. Probably counted for one reason I was so attracted to him. But those eyes. The way they perused me with heat made me so hard I ached.

His eyes were carnal.

Despite his looks, there was nothing virginal about this boy.

Not from those eyes.

“Don’t let me ask you to come here again, Scottie,” I whispered.

“Or what?” He licked his lips and ended the action by biting the corner. My stomach clenched.

That lip was mine.

“Or else.” I spat in my hand and stroked my shaft slowly to the tip with a twisting motion. Scottie’s gaze hungrily followed my movement. “You’ll have to sit there and watch me get off without you. You don’t want me to do that. Do you Scott? Why waste my cum when it can be inside of you?”

I stroked down my length and below to cup my balls. Scottie placed his hands on the bed and crawled toward me. He swallowed, and his eyes followed the movement of my hand with precision, capturing every stroke, every squeeze, every twist.

“Do you want to lick it?”

“Yes,” he whispered.

I shuffled closer, cupping my base and extending my cock in his direction. “Go ahead. Lick it.”

He stretched forward, his pink tongue inching from between his lips. Scottie licked timidly, then pulled back, a trail of pre-cum extending from my cock to his tongue when he pulled away. I sucked a breath in through my mouth since my nose still throbbed.

Scottie was just the distraction I needed right now.

A soft sigh fell from his lips, and he moved closer again, but I stepped back. His head flew back, and he glared.

Fucking adorable. He wanted it so bad.

I chuckled. “A favor for a favor. If you want all of it, then take off your clothes.”

“Hmm.” He removed his shirt, exposing his slender chest, and dropped it onto his lap.

“Your shoes and pants too.”

“You want too much,” he grumbled, shoving his glasses up his nose. “You’re the one who’ll benefit if I… I put my mouth on it.”

“I don’t believe that for a second. Come on, Scottie. Fewer words and more naked.”

“You’re shameless. You don’t even pretend this bothers you.” He kicked his shoes off and removed his pants.

“Why should it bother me?”

“I’m a man. You’ve never been with a man, right?”

“No.” I swallowed, trying to take in everything about Scottie all at once. He had his shirt and pants in his lap, hiding his body from me.

Can’t have that.

I plucked the clothes from his hands and tossed them over my shoulders.

Pink panties.

Oh hell, Scottie.

The lace material stretched over the erection he tried to hide with his hands. Grabbing his wrists, I forced his arms over his head onto the bed and crouched over him. Our bare legs rubbed against each other. His hairless and smooth. Mine rough from coarse hair.

Scottie shifted beneath me and spread his legs. I fit snugly between his slender thighs. Those big eyes of his looked up at me from behind his glasses. Waiting.

“I’m going to ask you once.”

How odd. He had no breasts, but the sight of his flat chest and the cherry sized nipples made me want to forget all the talking and to take him.

“What is it?” He let out a deep breath, as if he had been holding it in.

“The things you wrote in your letters about your preferences. They’re all true. Right? The choking, the rough sex, being tied up, used, orgasm denial. Is that the Scottie who’s under me right now?”

He blinked several times. “Y-yes.”

I tightened my grip on his arms and rocked my erection into his pelvis.

“But no hitting,” he whispered. “Spanking… my bottom is fine. But no slapping across the face. I hate that.”

“What else do you hate?”

He swallowed. “No spitting in my face.”

“Go on.”

“And if I use my safeword, don’t ignore it.”

“What’s your safe word?”



He nodded.

I repeated the words a few times. “All right, pickle it is. Anything else you want to tell me before I devour you, Scottie?”

“Umm, n-n-no.”

“You won’t ask me to wear a condom?”

He inhaled sharply. “You—you said you were safe. Wasn’t that true?”

“I am safe, but I want you to be sure.” A slight pressure to his hands above his head and he gasped. He arched up off the bed.

Jackpot. A pain slut. He liked it.

“I’m sure.”

“Good, because it’s been forever since I’ve had pussy, Scott.”

“I-I don’t have umm that.”

“I know, but I have a feeling this is going to be even better.” I transferred both his wrists into one hand and, with the other, stuffed it between him and the bed down to his ass to grope the perfect peach shape through his underwear.

“That’s a lot of pressure, Griff.” He gave a nervous laughter. “I’m not sure I’m good enough.”

I scanned his face. Was he playing coy? But he couldn’t hold my gaze. He stared at my chest instead and chewed his bottom lip.

“Listen to me, Scottie. You’re good enough. Want to know why?”


“Look me in the eye and I’ll tell you.”

Slowly, he raised his head. “Go on.”

“Because you’re fine as hell.”

His body melted beneath mine. “Are you feeding me a line, Griff?”

“The only thing I’ll be feeding you in a minute is my cock. Do you want it?”

“And if I say no?”

Was that a trick question? He looked so hopeful. I might not be as smart as him, but I wasn’t clueless. No just meant yes for him. His safeword was his real no.

“I’ll take it anyway,” I said. “And not a damn thing you can do about it, Scottie. You’re gonna lay there and let me use you to get off. Do you hear me?”

A bright flush bloomed in his cheeks and spread down his neck to his chest, which rose and fell rapidly. He nodded.

“Good. Don’t move. Keep those spread just like that.”

I vaulted off the bed and went to the bathroom to get the lube. Leaning over the sink, I gulped air into my lungs.

Relax, man. You’re wound so fucking tight, you’ll be coming once your dick touches his ass.

It’d been too damn long since I slept with anyone, much less someone like Scottie.

I re-entered the bedroom and halted. Scottie lay on the bed, his legs spread like I’d told him to keep them. Pillows were propped up at his back, and he casually rubbed his asshole, hissing and moaning.


All my good intentions of taking my time to ensure he came too flew out of the window.

It’d been over fifteen years. I needed this. Needed him.

Scottie squeaked when I landed on the bed. He’d been so focused on pleasuring himself and playing with his hole that he hadn’t noticed me approaching. He pulled away his hand, but I caught it by the wrist.



I sucked his fingers into my mouth, and his eyes widened. I dropped them, and he held his hand and brought it up to his chest.

“I’m sorry, Scottie.” I slathered a generous amount of lube on my cock. It was all I could offer him right now.

“For what?”

“For what I’m about to do. If I hurt you too much, use your safeword.”

I hope like hell he doesn’t use it. Will I be able to stop?

Fifteen years without this sort of intimacy.

I pounced on Scottie like a cat with a canary. He looked nervous, his breathing shallow pants, but he didn’t pull away. Not when I slipped both hands between him and the mattress and grasped his cheeks, squeezing them roughly. I slammed my mouth onto his, pushing back the discomfort of my nose, bumping his face.

Scottie’s kiss was hesitant. I could feel him trying to avoid me getting in contact with his braces. I needed him out of his head. If he could think about his braces, I wasn’t doing this right.

Spreading his cheeks, I nudged my cock against his hole, my stomach in knots. Would fucking him feel different? Would it be more or less?

I kept a firm hold on his ass and bucked, ramming every inch of me inside his body. Scottie tore his lips away from mine and cried out. His body shook beneath me as though in shock from the sudden, rough intrusion. A shiver ran down my spine that I needed a few seconds to let wash over me.


After years of nothing but my hand, Scottie’s body felt like paradise.


I needed more.

Watching Scottie’s face for every reaction—was it as good for him as it was for me?—I pulled out and snapped my hips forward. His hands flew out to catch my shoulders, and he dug his fingernails into my skin, whimpers spewing out of him.

“Griff!” he moaned. “Oh God, Griff. So big.”

“But that’s the way you like it. Don’t you, Scottie? Feeling your ass choking down my cock. Fuck! You feel better than I would have thought.”

“Yes? You really like being inside me, Griff? Like the way I can take all of you?”

I blinked down at Scottie. Usually the one for the filthy words, I had a sudden urge to hear him babble some more.

“Tell me you like it,” I growled, snapping my hips harder now, faster, as the crescendo built up inside me, swelling like a tornado about to spin out of control and damage everything in its wake.

“Oh, Griff.” He wrapped his legs around my waist and twined his arms around my neck. His fingernails raked into my skin. Every time I punched down, he gasped. “Yes, yes, Griff. Fuck me!”

“Like this?” I angled his hips and drilled down.

“Oh, shit. Fuck. Griff. Oh God, Griff.” He hung onto me, his body taking a beating into the mattress.

Fuck. I loved when he talked like this.

So I fucked him harder to get more out of him. More of him. The Scottie who had written those filthy things in those letters. That Scottie who could finally come out and admit what he liked.

The bed rocked crazily beneath our weight, headboard slamming into the wall, and Scottie’s cries punctuating every slapslapslap of our bodies colliding. Releasing my hold on his ass, I grabbed both his legs and pulled them apart, shoving them wide and rocking back so I could watch my cock disappear into that nice little pink rosebud.


Scottie was all fucking that.

Too close.

I pulled completely out and panted, squeezing my eyes shut to regain control. This boy… Fuck. I could feel him inside of me, although I was the one inside him physically.

That fuckhole was just too good.

A hand wrapped around my cock, and my eyes flew open. Scottie guided my cock back to his hole, inching down to take what he wanted. I fucking loved him doing that. He moaned and rubbed his fingers around where we joined, fondling my shaft, then caressing my cum gutters.

“You’re so hot, Griff,” he said as though in awe. “Your body’s perfect. All those muscles. The tattoos.” He glanced up to meet my eyes. “And that… cock. So big. I like… I like an enormous cock, Griff. So much. And yours… I love the way you stretch me out when you’re inside of me.”

I tightened my hold on his legs, his words knocking my breath out of my body. “Damn, Scottie. Just damn.”

Everything inside of me whispered two words.

Ruin him.

You can read the previous chapters and continue the story on my Patreon. Otherwise this book will be available sometime between November 2023 and January 2024.

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