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Dirty Deed_Chapter 1

My brand new series, Daddies' Broken Boys will kick of this month with Dirty Deed. This was originally a novella written for the Dirty Daddies Pride 2021 anthology. It has since been doubled in word count re-edited.

Here's a sneak peek of chapter 1. Noah's not ashamed that he's been kicked out of college for sleeping with his professor. But the last thing he expects is for the man he has a crush on to show up and witness his fall from grace.


Tap. Tap. Tap.

The dean’s attention snapped in my direction, and I held the pen poised in the air to pause the rhythmic tapping that I’d been doing on the desk. I flashed him an apologetic smile and fluttered my eyelashes just enough for his face to turn red. He hastily glanced away and cleared his throat, loud enough to be heard from where I sat in the line of judgment. Though he appeared poised and confident, I caught his tell—the way he fiddled with the silk material of his navy-blue tie with a subtle paisley pattern.

I lost interest and dropped my attention to my phone, specifically to the time displayed on the screen. He was fifteen minutes late. So typical of him. I shouldn’t feel the pit his absence carved out in my stomach. Why should it be any different because this was a meeting that would decide my fate here at the college? Of whether I would get to stay or be forced out.

To be fair, he was on his honeymoon. The worst possible time to pull this off, but like father, like son. He had the horrendous timing of marrying his current wife when I left for campus. That stung. Who got married when their son was out of the state? He had all summer to get on with it, but nope, he tied the knot a month after I started classes out of state.

Why the hell did I think daddy dearest would leave his honeymoon and his lovely wife to show up at my ‘trial’ again?

“Mr. Burgess, is your support party still going to be a part of the proceedings?” the presiding officer of the ad hoc board, Professor Buttersfield, asked me. Unlike Dean Amherst, he didn’t flinch or look away when addressing me. He seemed quite annoyed and bored at the same time for being summoned to my hearing.

He wasn’t the only one.

Instead of answering, I unlocked my phone and checked my messages. I had dozens of hits from a hook up app and notifications on social media, but the only one I’d received from my father was six days ago, two days after I’d contacted him with the date the board had issued for my hearing.

Dad: I’ll try my best to be there.

That was all. He hadn’t ranted at me like he usually did. There’d been no mention of me getting my act together. Just his not-so-reassuring text message that he would try his best to be here.

“Mr. Burgess?” Professor Buttersfield snapped my name.

I shrugged. “Your guess is as good as mine.”

“Then we have no reason to wait, do we? Let’s get on with it.”

A door opened behind me, and the mixed group of faculty members and students who made up the board glanced over my shoulder. My heart skipped a beat, and I inhaled sharply at the scuffing sound of boots on the floor. Was that…?

Bracing my arms against the desk in front of me, I swivelled my chair to the left to see behind me. I blinked a few times, bringing the tall, broad-shouldered Black man dressed in an expensive-looking gray suit into focus. He carried a briefcase in one hand and strode along the aisle with purpose, his attention firmly on the members of the board who sat ahead of me.

Sawyer Payne?

What was he doing here?

I frowned, completely thrown off my guard. Was I relieved Sawyer was here? But his presence meant my dad wouldn’t show up. Even before a panel of people, some of which held multiple degrees and recognition, he commanded our attention. He oozed power and wealth.

Two things my fickle heart loved in a man.

Sue me.

The well-dressed man passed by me as he’d done since the day we met—hardly giving me a moment’s notice. Like he owned the room, and this was his investigation rather than him being an observer here. He marched right up to the panel of six people and extended his hand toward Amherst. The dean was hesitant to offer his hand in return.

“Dean Amherst, my apologies for my late arrival,” Sawyer said, his deep baritone captivating. “My flight was delayed, or I would have been on time.”

“And who are you?” the dean asked.

Sawyer released the man’s hand, chuckling softly. “My apologies. I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m Sawyer Payne, representing your student, Noah Burgess. His father, Patrick Burgess, expresses his regret that he cannot attend.”

One of the board members, a woman with glasses slipping down her nose, turned to whisper to another. I stifled my groan. With all the name-dropping Sawyer was doing, they had to know who he was. Despite being over a thousand miles away, my dad and his law firm had gained national attention several times for the many high-profile criminal cases they were involved in.

If anyone could ensure the board didn’t dismiss me, it was Sawyer Payne. Great, just what I need. To be stuck here for another year, studying something I was not even interested in.

“Mr. Burgess doesn’t require legal representation, Mr. Payne,” Dean Amherst stated. “We have an internal body that deals with these things.”

“I’m here as a family friend since Mr. Burgess’s father could not be in attendance. We have to look out for young Mr. Burgess’s interests. Don’t allow me to interrupt your proceedings. I believe you were about to begin?”

Finally, he turned and faced me, but his gaze barely landed on me before he looked away. My father believed I had a big ego. Well, he’d effectively deflated it when he sent Sawyer Payne to listen in on the hearing. The man left me flustered, and it sucked. I didn’t affect him in the least.

“Very well then, we will begin.”

I couldn’t even concentrate as the presiding officer summarized the “case”. For the first time since realizing the situation I was in, I felt terrible. My cheeks blazed. Sawyer sat right behind me, listening to every piece of damning evidence being read out. All the explicit emails I’d sent to my professor about what I wanted him to do to me if he changed my grade.

They didn’t read Professor Benson’s emails, which were way worse than mine. The repressed boring professor had come out of his shell when I’d started smiling a little too much at him, then stayed in his office longer than his consultation allowed. And the moment I gave him a blowjob, he’d been mine to do with whatever I wanted.

Until I walked away from our mutually beneficial agreement shortly after it began, and he kept coming after me, visiting my dorm, waiting for me outside my class, and once ambushing me when I was at a party. Eventually, word had gotten out, and before I knew it, the dean had summoned me about the allegations. They had searched Professor Benson’s emails. The man had broken down and shown them all the flirtatious texts between us. To keep his job, he’d shown them every single thing, including Exhibit A, the lace thong I’d promised him if he changed my F to a B minus.

He’d done better and given me an A. My head game was that on point.

Sawyer heard every dirty deed I’d committed with my professor. He also saw the pictures of myself that I’d taken for Benson. Naked photos of me in provocative positions, all opened up and ready to be bred. Of course, with emoji stickers over the exposed areas.

At least I looked damn good in those photos.

I desperately wanted to glance behind me to see Sawyer’s reaction, but I kept my head straight ahead. Until I couldn’t take it anymore and glanced behind me… he wasn’t even looking at the pictures. He seemed completely uninterested as he scrolled through his phone.

Why had he shown up if he wasn’t going to pay attention? Humph.

My chair made a noise on the floor as I sat back heavily and returned to admiring myself.

“I’d say we have enough evidence here, although we used discretion in how much we shared, due to the nature of it…” Meaning the pictures and clips of me sucking off the professor and letting him fuck me. Pictures and videos the professor released on the internet the day he was fired.


True, I’d sent him photos, but how would I have known the bastard had mounted a camera in his office?

“As with the fairness of our system, we will allow you, Mr. Burgess, to present your side of the story.”

I shrugged. “You have all the evidence you need. Pictures. Conversations. You’ve already decided, haven’t you?”

The student advisor frowned at me. “This is your chance to give us your side of the story. What happened between you and Professor Benson? What emotional state were you in when this affair happened?”

“Oh, God, no, it wasn’t an affair.” I fanned a hand in front of me and pulled a horrified face. As if that man had what it would take to be my Daddy. “We just fucked around a little.” At the gasps and tight faces, I paused. “My bad. I’m not allowed to say that word? Okay, we occasionally had sex in his office and that was all there was to it.”

“According to Professor Benson, you had a relationship.”

I groaned and clutched the table. “Between you and me, I had no idea the guy would get obsessed with me. He’s cuckoo. I’m telling you; we had no relationship. Never been out together even once, and you best bet if I’m dating someone, they gotta pamper the hell out of me.”

“Then care to tell us how this started?”

I let out a sigh. What did they want me to say? Did they want me to admit it? Was that what this was all about? Did they want to hear me admit on their recording of this hearing that I threw myself at the professor and led him to his ruin? Didn’t they know I felt bad enough, as it was, about the whole sordid thing? I never expected the man to become obsessed.

“May I make a quick observation?” All eyes finally swung away from me to Sawyer, who’d spoken.

“This is not—”

“I am curious where the school stands in protecting its students from predators that you hired to be in charge of their education?” Sawyer got up and walked over to my table, standing so close to me I was washed in the musky perfume he wore. “My client—”

“This isn’t a court case, Mr. Payne!” the dean objected, but Sawyer continued as if he hadn’t spoken.

“Your employee took advantage of an impressionable young man who was concerned about his grades.”

“We are aware that this is a delicate matter, Mr. Payne,” the presiding officer said. “And we are trying to get to the bottom of it. If Mr. Burgess cooperates, we can understand his state of mind during the incident.”

“If you punish this young man—”

“It’s true!” I blurted out before Sawyer could continue. I couldn’t have him continue defending me. Even I heard the underlying threat in his words. He and my father could tie the university up in litigation if they wanted to, but then I would still be stuck in a situation I wanted to get out of.

“Professor Benson did not coerce me to perform sexual acts on him.” My voice rang out loud and clear.

“What are you doing?” Sawyer asked in a fierce whisper.

“I approached Professor Benson and not the other way around,” I continued. “What can I say? I like sex, and I wanted good grades but didn’t want to work so hard for it. I approached him with the possibility of exchanging favors. You read the emails. I asked him to change my grade. For a blow job. And he did. He doesn’t deserve to lose his job over this. Come on, none of you have slept with a student? Ever?”

The room erupted into denials and outrage. I didn’t know for a fact that anyone had slept with a student, but their responses were comical as they tried to defend each other while still glancing from one to the other with suspicion.

“You should have let me handle this.” Sawyer placed a hand on the table and leaned to whisper in my ear. I had to act all cool, like he’d not sent a shiver on an adventure throughout my body.

Why was this man so fucking hot? My brain went haywire whenever he was close.

The presiding member called the hearing to order, only to end the session, given my admitting everything was my fault. There was little point in dragging out the hearing. We were asked to wait outside while they made their final decision.

I’d barely gotten to my feet when Sawyer’s hand clamped around my arm. Without a word, he walked off. I was forced to move or be dragged along with him. After the past three years of him ignoring me, it was interesting being so close to him.

Once outside, he released me. “I was laying the foundation to make an argument that they cannot dismiss you for their poor judgment in hiring that professor. You should have stayed quiet.”

I tilted my head back to stare into his face. His eyes blazed with irritation. Tired of his attitude, I snapped back, “You weren’t even supposed to say anything at the hearing. It’s my hearing. You heard the dean. This isn’t a court case.”

“I would have made them listen to reason.” He was back to staring at his phone rather than looking at me. “We can still salvage this. I’m pretty sure after your outburst, they will want to dismiss you, but we can appeal it. To threaten to sue the school, to make this public.”

“How about we do nothing?” I shrugged. “I did something wrong. How am I supposed to learn the consequences of my actions if Dad always bails me out? Or send his sidekick to? Don’t I get to have consequences too, even though I’m Patrick Burgess’s kid?”

He fell silent at my question, a frown knitting his brows. “Give me a second.”

He took more than a second, walking off into the distance, so I couldn’t hear his conversation. Was he talking to Dad? How mad was he? I crossed my arms and stared ahead, feeling antsy. I dug into the pocket of my blazer for my pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

I closed my eyes, head lolling back against the wall, as I used the nicotine to settle my nerves. If I had to spend one more day at this university, I would lose my mind. I hoped to god the people on the ad hoc board weren’t so threatened they kept me around.

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