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.99 and 2.99 Sale

Hi there,

It's Cyber Monday, and I have many of my books available for only .99 or 2.99. Don't miss out on this deal. Some of these titles have never been on sale before and here's the chance to read them or to own copies you've read through KU. Even though Perfection isn't depicted on the graphic, it's also on sale.

Naughty or Nice aka Cuffd

(originally 4.99)

Dear Daddy, Please Love Me (2.99)

Destination Daddies

(originally 4.99)

Love in Slow M'Ocean... (.99)

Daddy's Little Deviants

(originally 4.99 each)

Daddy's Stepstalker (.99)

Daddy's Adorable Assassin (2.99)

The Grimm Tales of Smoky Vale series

(originally 5.99 each)

Biker Daddy... (.99)

Fable's Foes... (.99)

The Mortician... (.99)

Miles High... (2.99)

Crowe's Creed (2.99)

Secrets & Scandal

(originally 4.99 each)

Secrets... (.99)

Scandal... (2.99)

Spoiled Perfection

(originally 4.99 each)

Spoiled... (.99)

Perfection... (2.99)

Don't forget to preorder A Little Christmas: Zahair which is coming to you soon. I've adjusted the price on Amazon to 2.99, so all who have pre-ordered before or now will get the book at this price.

Happy Reading!!!!

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