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Gianni Holmes is a USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary MM  romance. Under G.S. Holmes she writes fantasy in an omegaverse. 

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Fifteen years ago, I helped put my abductor behind bars.

With the help of my hypnotherapist, I’ve sealed away the memories of my traumatic past.

Until the dreaded phone call.


Duncan Whittaker’s out on parole.


The first time I confront him, I intend to kill him.

Then something snaps inside me.

The memories I’ve been repressing have returned.


Duncan Whiitaker’s the only man who’s ever made me feel desire.

He’s also the one who held me captive for almost a year.

Isolated me to make me grateful for his presence.

Deprived me of sensation to make me crave his unwanted touch.


Duncan Whittaker’s a sadist who’s broken something inside me.

For the second time, he’s about to ruin my life.

And God help me, I can’t stop him.

I don’t want to stop him.

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Dashing & Daddy EBook (1).jpg

When my mother asks me to keep an eye on her ex-husband, she doesn’t mention that I should keep my hands off him. That means he’s fair game, right?

My mother’s ex-husband, Mason, was never right for her.
He can’t hold down a job.
He has no sense of self-preservation.
And he lacks the resolve to take control of his life.
I never thought they belonged together

Why then did he seem like the perfect match for the Daddy that I am?

When I take a few days off for the holiday to relax, the last person I expect to see in our cabin next door is Mason.
His naïveté brings out my protective instincts.
The brilliant artistic talent he hides makes me want to show him off to the world.
And the way he looks at me has me longing to taste what’s forbidden between us.
Mason seems to feel the same way I do, but can I convince him to return home with me and allow me to take care of him?

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Class Act Ebook (2).jpg

Abe Cooper is a triple threat.
He's my best friend's father.
He's the football coach at my high school.
And he's a married man.

His marriage is on the rocks and he could lose his job for the way he looks at me.
I could lose my only friend in the world.
I know I should stay away instead of flirt with him.
But all the cons don't outweigh how I feel when I'm with him.

When my home situation gets worse, Abe is there for me. But what we do under his roof when everyone's asleep makes me feel guilty.
Now his daughter, my closest friend, knows he's stepping outside his marriage and she's hellbent to find out who I am.
How long can we keep us a secret and how dare we be happy together when it might hurt the ones we love?


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