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I catfished my best friend’s Dad in prison.

But he'll never know, right?

I spent two decades behind bars, but nothing could have prepared me for Scott.

When I get out on parole, I find the little liar is nothing like he portrayed.

But I’m not mad.

I prefer the hot, stuttering, mess that he is.

Beneath the glasses, braces, and fun size package, he is far from tame when it counts.

I just have one problem.

My relationship with Scottie might thwart my reconciliation with my son.

But how can I choose between them?

One’s my flesh and blood. The other is my heart and soul.

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I’ve lived a ruthless life full of resentment.

There’s nothing and no one I loathe more than Chief Ben Witter.

I'm the president of the Blood Hounds MC, and Witter has always been a thorn in my side.

He can’t be bought.

And he’s on a mission to dismantle my club.

But my obsession with hurting him has nothing to do with club business.

It’s personal. Deeply personal.

I want to annihilate him for making the man I‘ve always loved, fall for him instead. A dead man whose ghost lingers between us. When Witter needs help to close a dangerous case involving my club, I volunteer. Being around him is the best way to ruin him. Except our mutual hatred makes for explosive heat. The more we fight, the more we wind up beneath the sheets... the bed of his truck... and in a dark alley. Chief Witter is an addictive man. How am I supposed to still carry a grudge when I've fallen for him like our ex did?

This is Ben's and Gunner's book. It is best read after Biker Daddy and Bay.



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