till there was you series

A hurt/comfort series


Beau has simple rules when it comes to dating. For one, he’ll never date a student’s father. Until he unintentionally does. Things get worse when the one-night stand blossoms full force into a love that rocks the small town of Lacovia to the core.

Will you come home with me and let me help you discover yourself? 
At thirty-eight, Gordon’s never been with another man, but it’s always been a longing. One night with Beau is all it takes to prove it to him. But
he doesn’t want just any man. He wants the sexy French man who's about to turn his life into a scandal.

When a video of the two men kissing goes viral, Gordon is reminded why he’s never explored his interest in the same sex. With all hell breaking loose in Lacovia, will Gordon relinquish his happiness for the comfort of others, or will his love for Beau be the catalyst the town so badly needs?

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After a rocky start to their relationship, dealing with homophobia, a hate crime, and rebellious children, Gordon and Beau have finally tied the knot. 

Off into the sunset to spend their honeymoon in Paris, Beau's home country, they are given the mandate not to resurface from their hotel room until at least 24 hours have passed. Find out how Gordon and Beau spend the satisfying three days of their honeymoon, as they explore not only the city but also each other, in ways that require a deeper level of trust. 

Easy Does It Twice: Honeymoon In Paris is a short story of 10k words that explores the honeymoon of the characters in my novel Easy Does It Twice. Although it can be read as a standalone, it’s best appreciated after reading the novel and after learning all these two men have endured. This is a light, fun, and sweet read which both men truly deserve.

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Drew Wescott doesn't count himself as anybody exceptional. He's just trying to do the right thing after quitting his job as a police officer because of guilt. But, doing the right thing proves to be more difficult for Drew when it comes to his best friend's son—a broken soul that could not be touched by anyone.

Ollie Mattis lives a broken and painful life avoiding the touch from others, even those closest to him. After being the victim of a vicious hate crime which stripped him of his innocence and robbed him of his ability to trust, Ollie is drawn to the ex-cop in ways he's too terrified to explore. Until one night, lost in the darkness of his mind, Ollie allows Drew to soothe him. 

Drew is convinced Drew is the one man who can help him overcome his crippling fear of being touched. Will Drew agree to teach Ollie the pleasure of touch where he once knew pain or will his loyalty to Ollie's dad come between them and destroy the tentative trust they have worked to build?

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My older brother and his family are the most important people in my life. He took me off the streets when I ran away seven years ago. When he asks me to be the guardian of his kids in the event of his death, I promise him never to let our mother get custody of his kids.
A year after his death, I’m struggling to keep my niece and nephew. Thanks to my boss, and the cruise tickets he gives me for Christmas bonus, we’re able to get away temporarily. And I’ll try not to think that I may have done the one thing I promised myself never to do again, for those tickets.

Money and men are my two vices. The first is easy to make, the second never stays. Given my bad luck with men, I should stay away from my handyman, Bailey. He’s too young, too good-looking, too perfect. When I gift him two tickets for a Christmas Caribbean cruise, I have no intention of following him, but Bailey breaks our professional relationship when he shows me just how grateful he is. Following him on that cruise, I have every intention of picking up right where we left off, but Bailey comes with extra baggage I’m not sure I can handle. Do I dare pursue his heart on deck when he’s made it clear he’s a package deal?