The Runway Project

Unwrapping Ainsley.jpg

Fake boyfriend for the holiday? Check.
There’s only one problem. Ainsley is a…

High-heel wearing
Social media-obsessed androgynous model who doesn’t even spare me
a glance when I first notice him at the airport. With our differences, can we fool our families into thinking that we're in love?

Desperately seeking boyfriend for the
holiday. Position? Filled. There’s just one problem.

Willy is a…
Limited sex experience
Did I mention plaid-wearing?
Snore-fest of a vet. Then why am I falling so desperately in love with him?


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Ainsley couldn't be happier that he and Willy have settled on a wedding date even if it's on Valentine's Day. With just two weeks to plan a fairytale wedding, he is adamant that everything has to be just as he envisioned it. Maybe if he gives Willy the perfect wedding, he will feel better about his insecurities that he's not good enough for Willy. But how can he feel otherwise when his social media accounts are blowing up with perfect examples of how unsuitable he is for someone like Willy?

Will knows Ainsley well enough to brace himself for an extravagant wedding affair. As the date approaches, he can't help but notice the difference in his fiancé since Ainsley started planning their wedding. The more invested Ainsley was, the more strained their relationship becomes. Can Will soothe his fiancé's fears, or will he cancel their wedding when he learns Ainsley's odd behavior is more than pre-wedding jitters?

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