A Marksman Tale

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.As the eve of his partner's death looms, 40-year-old Captain Connor Marks only wants a willing guy in his bed to de-stress for the night. The hot young twenty-something-year-old, who taps him on his shoulder in a club to ask if he's okay, should not be that guy. Mac's too young, too inexperienced, and way too likable.

After breaking his no kissing rule
And his one night stand rule
And no sharing personal information rule
Marks decides it's best to cut his losses and disappear. He never expects to meet Mac again and is stunned when his weekender shows up at his precinct as the new transfer.

Known for his strong work ethics, Marks has never been so conflicted before. Will he be able to focus on a case where the body count is rising while trying to decide if Mac will inevitably betray him? When push comes to shove, will he be able to make the critical professional decision that may cost him his job or Mac?

Sergeant Julius King is going through his fourth divorce, though he’ll likely point out it’s technically the third since his first marriage was annulled. Sworn off men until he figures out why he’s so unlucky in love, King gets a distraction he could do without...the brutal murder of a fellow cop with no leads except a hyper-realistic mask caught on body cam. 

Two years ago Emmett’s husband was murdered during a prank that went downhill fast. Seen as a liability, Emmett was shot and left for dead. Now struggling to cope with the effects of his traumatic brain injury, Emmett has a fear of the men in blue. Thankfully, he has the therapeutic practice of making masks as a hobby which soothes him.

The second he sees Emmett, King knows he’s screwed, but he tries to back off when it becomes all too clear Emmett’s brain functions differently. As Emmett’s mask-making puts him at the top of the suspect list, King finds himself searching for a killer as much as trying to prove Emmett’s innocence. 

You’re the one I’m fighting for. I’m going to get you out of this alive. 

When another cop is murdered and Emmett’s life threatened, can King keep his distance from their only potential witness? Or will he be willing to compromise his job to protect the man he’s come to love?

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