Jamie is the only child of Mason Dehaney, chief of the Smoky Vale Police Department.

High IQ, loves to party, wears clothes that defy gender stereotypes, and has a fondness for makeup especially eyeshadow palettes. He's a medical intern at the Smoky Vale General Hospital and doctor for the Grimm Reapers.

Versatile twink with a preference for topping.

Founder and president of the Grimm Reapers, an outlaw motorcycle club based in Smoky Vale that's all-inclusive of sexuality and sexual preferences. Father of one male child. Has little interest in having relationships outside of his club. Bisexually versatile with a preference for bottoming.

Welcome to Smoky Vale, Ohio, population 25, 681. Notable officials include the mayor Gerard Wentworth and Chief Mason Dehaney of the Smoky Vale Police Department. Home to rival outlaw motorcycle clubs Grimm Reapers and Bloodlets. Notorious crime leaders include Graeme 'Grimm' Buckley of the Grimm Reapers, his enforcer Booker Coley and Gunner Lane, president of Bloodlet Smoky Vale chapter. Known for drug distribution, turf wars, murders.

Warning to tourists: It's advisable not to walk alone at night.

A relatively new addition to the Grimm Reapers brotherhood. Known for being jovial and his quest to sleep with Booker. Easily distinguished by his tattoos. Sometimes 'babysits' Jamie.  A background in the military and an expert with guns. Carries deadly secrets. Versatile.

Grimm's Enforcer and Road Captain. Known for being heartless and carrying out retribution without hesitation. Only family is his grandaunt Hyacinth. In a purely 'physical' relationship with Zak or so he tells himself. Sadistic top with a history of sharing men.

Step-son of the mayor of Smoky Vale. Mother deceased. Emotionally unstable. Needs include feeling loved and protected. Hard to trust and equally hard to let go of those he cares about. Occasionally, regresses to a little of age 5-7. 

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