The Madness of an Author

Let's admit it. There's a lot of madness that goes on in the mind of an author, and it's no different for me. I can't rightly say if the madness is the reason I am an author, to find an outlet for it, or if the madness came about as a result of being an author. Either way, it's here to stay, and finding a creative means to express my thoughts, fantasies, and extreme emotions is just about the most awesome experience I've ever had.

In case you're curious about the mind of this author, I can only liken it to the explosion of hot chili sauce in what would have been your pristine kitchen. It's messy. We have to take all that mess and make it into a message. And some may say I write raunchy books of men fucking and getting all shades of kinky, so what kind of message can I be sending? It's quite simple. Love is love. Love is real. Love exists. And it's not about to go away any time soon. Deal with it.

I'll be clear that I've never owned a blog before, so I'm looking forward to this challenge. What will I talk about? Hmm, a bit of everything really. Some of it may be pretty personal (can't say I didn't warn you) as I explore the side of me that I never got to explore. The side of me that's not just attracted to what's considered traditionally as the 'opposite sex'. Maybe I'll get structured after a while, but I would love to talk books. See, I don't just write. I read, and I read a lot. Maybe not as much as I used to. Back in the days (in 2000s) I was reading two books per day. Now writing doesn't afford me the luxury to read to my heart's whim, but I would love to share my thoughts with you about books.

What do I like? I love MM romance books, and that's typically all I read these days. My favorite trope is May/December romance, and I love age-gap and daddy kink stories. I love protective alpha type heroes, so sue me. Nobody needs to apologize for their reading habits (unless you're reading something illegal, such as something that would consider you a pedophile then yeah, that's wrong, dude.) I love raunchy sex books, and shocker, I also love sweet YA MM romance books. I watch the movies too. Love Simon? Freaking love it! There's nothing that makes me feel more mushy than a good ole YA LGBTGIA+ romance. I'm thinking of you author S.M James.

If you're here to get in on drama, sorry, but this is a drama free zone. Unless it's book related. Then yeah, drama is okay. I'm here to talk positive experiences I have had reading and writing books. I want to share what I love about a book. You see, I have a unique take on reading and reviewing books. I can read a book, hate it and still give it 5-stars. Why? The book may not be for me, but it hits everything right. That means the book isn't at fault, me. And that's okay, that's why reading is a personal experience. Never feel guilty about not liking a book.

I think I'm digressing. I will be offering author interviews so we can get some insight into our favorite authors. I loooooove author interviews, and I usually make them fun and interesting. I will invite authors along to give an interview on behalf of their characters, so stick around for that. It should be fun!

So be a Gem. Stick around and find out what madness this author has to share.

Until next time.

Don't dim your sparkle. You were meant to shine.


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