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The Hot Tub- Charles

Please see below bonus scene from Secrets book 1 in the Secrets & Scandal duology.

“I have to believe you’re wrong. That it will be enough and tonight will be the last time. I can’t believe anything else, August.”

August watched me as I stripped for him, carefully taking off every article of clothing piece by piece. We might not have forever, but we had enough time for this tonight.

When I was naked, I turned my back to him and descended in the hot tub. I was surely going to hell for fornicating in my son’s hot tub with his stepson, but it was a good sin to go in for.

I settled back against the rest and glanced up at August.

“Aren’t you joining me?” I made a show of running my hands over my chest, tweaking my nipples. Fuck, the way he watched me was so good. The attention whore inside of me loved it.

“Give me a second.”

He walked backward, watching me as long as he could until he disappeared through the doors. I ran my right hand down my chest and down to my semi-erection, lazily rubbing it into full hardness for his return.

It wasn’t long before I heard his footsteps, and he entered the room once again. He’d discarded his robe and was completely naked. The motion of my hand stopped as I watched him, all those mouthwatering muscles and lickable abs.

“God, I love the way you look at me, Charles.”

“I bet you’ll love the way I lick you too,” I murmured.

He stepped down inside the hot tub and sat on the raised platform.

“Come and show me.”

I didn’t need a second invitation. I waded toward him, my hands spread on his chest, while I looked up at him. He moved forward to kiss me, but I evaded it, teasing him while I caressed his hairy wet chest.

With a frustrated growl, August grabbed me behind the neck. There was no escaping his lips as they claimed mine. I gave in, moaning, as his hands stroked my neck. His kiss was deep and demanding, contradicting the gentleness of his touch.

“August,” I moaned his name.

His hands ran across my shoulders, down my back to cup the swell of my ass. Pushing my cheeks apart. Probing roughly with his fingers at my hole. I tensed up, waiting for the sting of his lubeless fingers to enter me, but he merely rubbed against my pucker.

“I think you owe me a lick.” He tore our mouths apart.

“One single lick?” I smiled up at him.

“If you think you can stop at one, sure.”

“Cocky bastard,” I grumbled, kissing down his chest. I licked his right nipple, swirling my tongue over the tight bud, tugging it into my mouth.

August groaned. “I learned from the best.”

Just for that, I bit down on his nipple, and he gasped, a shudder running through him. Feeling smug, I licked my way across to his other nipple and loved on him some more.

He was right. I couldn’t just lick him once. I needed more.

He eased up to stand, so I had more access to him. Hands gripping his hips, I captured the head of his cock in my mouth and took him deeper. His hand rested lightly on my head, but he didn’t prod me. He allowed me to suck him off at my own pace, and I took my time savoring the weight of him on my tongue.

I was just getting started when August tugged on my hair. “That’s enough. Gonna make me come.”

I popped him out of my mouth. “None of that until you’re inside me.”

He hauled me up to him and kissed me hard before changing our position so I had my back to him. He kissed my neck and my shoulder, his hand trailing down my chest to grasp my cock beneath the surface of the bubbling water.

Moans spilled from my lips as he stroked my cock. I thrust into his hold, and he chuckled.

“You can’t come until I’m inside you either.”

He reached for the lube and returned to me. “Go up the steps a little. That’s it.”

My ass rose above the water and August leaned forward to bite each before his fingers found my hole. They rubbed around in circular motions before dipping in. He went all in with two fingers from the get go, and I gasped at the forceful entry of him opening me up.

I grunted when he pulled out and pushed back inside, rotating his fingers and crooking them. My glutes tightened, and I shivered as the warmth of the water sloshed between us.

“Damn, Charles.” A slap rang out as he spanked me with his free hand. I grasped the edge of the tub and moaned, needing more.

“August, please.”

“That’s right. You know how I love when you beg for my cock.”

He plunged his fingers harder, and I cried out. “Fuck.”

“You want my cock, Charles.”


“You want to come with me inside you?”

“Fuck, yes.”

“Then ride me, pet. Do whatever you want with me.”

August removed his fingers and sat on the highest step. I followed him, positioning my back to him and resting between his thighs. Hands gripping his knees, I sat as he steadied his cock, guiding it inside me. I sighed in contentment as he filled me all the way.

“Goddammit, Charles. You’re still so tight. A man could lose all reason inside you.”

Like that wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I rose and fell on August’s cock, riding him slowly at first before building the momentum. One of his hands wrapped around me to rest against my stomach, feeling the play of muscles that danced with each strenuous movement.

“Yes, that’s it, baby,” he moaned when I sped up my movements. “Fuck yourself on my cock. Show me how much you want to come.”

I whimpered, saving my breaths to show him exactly that.

“I want to see you,” he said, nipping at my neck.

With his hands guiding me, I changed position so I could face him, my legs bracketing his hips on the wide steps. I stared down at him, and he raised his mouth. I dived and claimed his lips while his hands clutched my ass and moved me.

I resumed fucking myself on his cock. My ass slapped against his wet thighs, the sound echoing in the room. Our kisses turned frantic, desperate, biting, sucking, his tongue licking inside my mouth.

August’s fingers bit into the fleshy globes of my ass, tightening the faster I moved. He was hard inside me, so fucking huge, hitting my prostate every time I slammed my ass down onto his lap.

“Fuck, fuck, August,” I gasped, leaning my forehead against his. “Fuck, I-oh shit!”

I stiffened as my climax barreled through me. August thrust upward, balls slapping against me from each forceful entry.

“Oh, Charles!” he grunted my name, pulling my ass all the way down into his lap, grinding against me as he came.

I smashed my lips to his and kissed him, stealing his moans. They belonged to me after all.

(c) 2020 Gianni Holmes

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