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Ollie's Desire

“Let’s make a baby.”

So blurting that out in the middle of sex with my gay husband was probably not the best way to bring up the subject, but I was excited. I’d worked all week in the nursery of the hospital, and if I had ovaries, they would be ready to be implanted with his seed.

Drew’s lips stalled on my neck, his whole body going rigid. He slowly raised his head and peered down at me. I held my breath, waiting for him to say something. I could usually read him well, but I couldn’t tell what was going on in that brain of his.

“Is that why you hauled me off to bed as soon as I walked through the door?” His eyes crinkled from the grin that split his face. “And here I thought you were the nurse and knew we couldn’t make a baby the old-fashioned way.” He buried his face in my neck and sucked on the skin. “But we owe it to ourselves to try and try until we get you preggo.”

Chuckling, I tugged at his hair. “Come on, Drew, stop making fun of me. I know we’d have to adopt or get a surrogate, but I really mean it.”

He raised his head again, sliding one side so he wasn’t crushing me. One of his legs wedged between mine and his hand stroked my neck.

“Alright, let’s talk about it.”


“Yeah, I’m not opposed to having a child.”

I swallowed the emotional lump that gathered in my throat. Over the past eight years Drew was so good to me.

“Would we get a surrogate or adopt?” I asked him.

“Either way is fine by me. What do you want to do?”

“I’d like to try a surrogate first,” I answered quickly. “And if it doesn’t happen then we can adopt a baby.”

His hand flicked against my chin. “You’ve really thought about this, haven’t you?”

“For the past year.”

“And you’ve not said anything before now?”

I hated the way he frowned down at me like he was disappointed. When you had a man as good as Drew was, disappointing him was the last thing I wanted to do.

“I didn’t want to bring it up until I was sure.”

“And you’re sure now?”

“I think so.”

A shiver ran down my spine at the one niggling doubt. What if I turned out to be a shitty father like the one who’d biologically been responsible for my birth?

“Hey, what’s that frown for?”

Drew straddled my hips, and I stared up at his broad chest. He’d lost a bit of his muscle mass over the years, but I loved his hot dad bod. With the mat of ginger curls that covered his chest and trailed downward past his navel and disappeared into his jeans, I was still as turned on by him now as I was when I first discovered how good sex could be.

“Do you think I’d be good at it?” I worried at my bottom lip with my teeth, the captive ring of my side labret piercing cool against my tongue. “I’d make a good dad, right?”

“Of course you would, baby.” He threaded his fingers through my hair. “You’re patient and kind. Plus, have you seen you with Bailey and Arthur’s kids?”

“But they’re teens now. Hardly need as much attention as a baby.”

He leaned forward and kissed me softly. “It doesn’t matter. Between you, me, and our support system, we’d nail it. We’d try really hard and set good examples for our kids, teaching them to respect others and be proud of who they are.”

I smiled up at him. “You said kids.”


I wrapped my arms around him. “So you want more than one?”

“One’s good enough for a start, but yeah, one would need companion eventually, don’t you think?”

“True. Okay, so we’re doing it.”

Drew dragged his ass over my groin and I remembered the purpose for rushing him up the stairs as soon as he got in from work.

“Hell yeah, we’re doing it.”

I hooked the back of his head and pulled him all the way down to seal our deal with a kiss. But later we could work out the finer details of our plan to be fathers. Right now, I couldn’t have a less fatherly thought in my head.

I ran my hands down Drew’s wide back, sinking my nails into his flesh. I groaned into his mouth when I encountered his jeans.

“We need to get naked,” I mumbled against his lips.

Drew was off me in a flash and we were a flurry of movements as we dragged clothing from our limbs. When we were fully naked, Drew tumbled me back down onto the bed. I wrapped my legs around his waist and welcomed his face between my hands as we kissed.

“Oh god, baby, the way you turn me on,” he moaned against my lips. His hands brushed down my body to my pierced nipples.

“Drew,” I gasped.

“Spread your legs for me, Ollie.”

I released my legs from his waist, and Drew grasped them, holding me open. He dropped to the bed between my thighs and licked at the barbell pierced through my taint. He licked his way to my hole, wasting now time to dive in.

I reached out to grasp strands of his hair, gyrating to the movement of his tongue. It never ceased to amaze me how I allowed myself to be so vulnerable before this man. But he always knew how to cherish that.

With one last lingering kiss, Drew moved over to the bedside table for the lube that sat proud and half-finished in the bottle.

“Didn’t you just buy that a couple of days ago?” I teased him as he lubed up and inserted two slick fingers inside me.

“My husband’s this really insatiable guy,” he replied with a grin, pushing his fingers deeper inside me. “You might know him. Hot nurse with all these sexy as fuck piercings that turn me on.”

“Piercings you say? Which is your favorite?”

He removed his fingers from my ass and grasped my cock, rubbing at my Jacob’s Ladder. “Hmm, I don’t like to play favorites, but since you insist…”

He captured the head of my cock between his lips, tongue teasing the vertical rings that formed rows down my cock. My ass clenched, and I thrust upward into his mouth. Gripping him by the hair, I pushed his head down until he deep-throated me, his saliva dripping into my pubic hair.

“Fuck, Drew!” I let him up for air. “Get inside me.”

“Then you do me,” he said, kneeling between my legs and grasping his cock.

“Hell yes.”

Drew leaned forward to kiss me as he pushed his way inside my body. I barely started enjoying the taste of his lips when he eased back, pushing my knees wider as he pulled out and thrust.

“Yes, baby!” I moaned, reaching up to his chest to grip his nipples and squeeze.

“Fuck, yeah.”

His cock stretched me open, the tinge of pain from my infrequent bottoming nothing compared to when he slid alongside my prostate. He always knew just the right angle to snap his hips.

“Harder,” I begged him, eyes locked to his.

There was nothing sexier than to see the desire in my husband’s eyes even after eight solid years of marriage. The way his breathing went out of control. His eyes getting fucked up inside his head from how good he felt inside me.

It had taken a long time for me to take that power back in bottoming, but I’d never regret opening these legs for my husband. I loved watching him come apart all because of me. I’d learned that coming apart together wasn’t so bad when love seamlessly put us back together.

Every time.

“Damn, Ollie.” Drew smashed his lips against mine as he fed me every inch of him. “Argh. I’m so fucking close, but I want to come with you inside me.”

I grinned at him. I never hid anything from him, so we both knew I preferred topping him. We reversed positions and I lubed up, staring at Drew’s frame beneath me. He worked the lube inside his ass, stretching with his two fingers.

Impatient as he was, he pushed those two fingers deep and hard inside himself. I could watch him doing that all evening, but that wasn’t what we wanted this time.

“If you touch my cock, I’ll explode,” he groaned when I bent to suck him off.

Drew pulled his knees up to his chest, but as high on lust as we both were, I took a moment to check he was adequately lubed. I teased the outer ridges of his puckered hole with my fingers.


“Hey, good things come to those who wait.”

I surged inside him with one sweeping thrust, feeding him my entire length at once. A loud keening sound erupted from Drew’s throat. I loved fucking him, and he loved taking it. My husband was a slut for my cock, and I loved it.

Loved him.

“Fuck, I’m coming,” Drew cried out, his legs trembling.

Taking my cue, I fucked him harder, deeper, snapping my hips forward. He tightened around me, body clenched tightly. Oh fuck. So fucking hot.

“Drew!” the hoarse cry tore from my throat. Spine tingling, the muscles in my stomach clenched, I allowed myself to get lost inside my husband.

I blinked several times until his face came into focus. My Drew. He smiled up at him, fully sated. I fell on him, only feeling half bad when he gave out an uff.

“What about Belle if it’s a girl?” I wondered aloud.

Drew’s chest rumbled beneath me. “Damn, Ollie. Let me catch my breath first, will you?”

You've just read a bonus feature for my novel Ollie on the Out, the 2nd book in the Till There Was You series.

"Roses are red

Violets are blue

I hate being touched

But not by you."

Other books in this series

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