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First Impressions of Ashton Keyes from Spoiled Perfection

Hi there,

Here's another brand new concept for you. The first book in the Spoiled Perfection duet is out, and I'd like you to read this only after reading Spoiled. You can proceed without reading book 1 if you so choose, but be aware that you may encounter spoilers along the way.

In Spoiled, we have our enigma, Ashton Keyes, wealthy, frat brat, destructive, but oh so broken. What was your first impression of him and did your view of him change any at all? Did you dislike him? Did you feel sorry for him? Were you angry at him? Did you cry for him?

In this post, different characters you have met from Spoiled will share their first impressions of Ashton with you.


What did you think of Ashton Keyes when you first met him?

Hi, I'm Callum, Ashton's partner and co-owner of Cafe Crave. I consider myself to be a strict Daddy. I've had to be for reasons I won't share right now. Anyway, the first moment I saw Ashton I saw trouble. I saw his sad eyes, and although I backed up as fast as I could, it wasn't fast enough. He struck me as hurt and bottled up a lot. I also thought him funny, bold enough to go after what he wanted, and pretty darn cute. I have to be honest though that seeing him plastered made me a little sick to the stomach.

I'm Julia Keyes, Ashton's mother. For reasons I won't get into until you read Perfection book 2, I had a difficult time bonding with Ashton than I did my first son. I know it's hard to believe, but I do love Ashton. I just never guided him the way I did his brother. He was such a free spirit as a child, so inquisitive, defiant, vibrant, and a bit scatter-brained. He was impulsive, always getting into mischief, and he had a terrible dislike for school.

Hey, I'm Rueben aka Rue, and I've been Ashton's driver since he was in middle school. Boy, was he a handful. My first memory of him is of a sullen boy dragging his backpack on the ground while he reluctantly walked to the car. He didn't want to go to school that morning and demanded that since I worked for him, I had to take him wherever he said. He threw a tantrum when I brought him to the school, but he got out of the car and told me we'd never be friends. Frankly, he told me he would get his father to fire me. By the evening, he'd forgotten all about it. He doesn't hold grudges. Don't get me wrong, he can be a little shit sometimes, but he's also sweet and kind.

I'm Callum's best friend Phil and co-owner of Cafe Crave. I've known of the Keyes family practically all my life. I've probably glimpsed Ashton around before, but we never officially met until he started dating Cal. I thought he could be a good time for Callum. Just a fling my friend badly needed and everyone knew Ashton Keyes was easy and a good time. If I knew Cal would fall for him, I would have never pushed him to give in to Ashton's advances. That's the honest truth.

I'm Justin, Ashton's friend. We go to the same college together. We hang out a lot with a group of friends, and although he was more Louis' friend that mine, I've always sorta looked out for him. He was a bit mouthy when we were in high school. Used to drive our teachers crazy, but he was always fun and kind. He would share stuff his parents brought him from their latest trips and they traveled a lot. Sometimes he would go for a whole month without seeing them. At school, he was caught on his knees more than once in the locker room which I always thought was kind of sad given most of them just wanted to brag about getting a bj from him. If he ever gets his priorities straight, he'd be a pretty great guy overall.


That's it for today. We've heard the perspectives of other characters about their first impression of Ashton. Keep checking this blog as I'll try to update it at least once per week with fresh content pertaining to my characters. I have some interesting bits that I'll be adding soon.

If you haven't joined my Facebook group Gianni's Gems as yet, it's not too late. I will be posting a poll for another feature in the life of a character beyond their HEA ending in their book.

Until next time, keep shining like the Gems you are.

P.S. If you've read Spoiled, please consider leaving a review.

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