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Deleted Dirty Scene (Dear Daddy, Please Love Me)

Please read this scene at the risk of very minor spoilers. This is a scene I deleted from my upcoming release Dear Daddy, Please Love Me because I felt the entire scene wasn't needed.

(A little background to this scene is that I admit I was a bit naughty and watched a certain scene that made me get into dollification. I'm not sure if it's a real kink, but if it isn't, it should be. It's where you treat your partner like a sex doll and they behave just like one during your scene. I find it so hot. I finally get to write it in Dear Daddy, Please Love Me. While this isn't the dollification scene, this might have prompted it a bit.)

Opie's POV

He came out pulling Craig by the arms. I covered my face with my hands but not before I caught sight of Craig’s ripped abs and nicely cut dick.

“Oh god, please put him back.”

“Hell no. He looks real,” Lawson said. “Pretty sure we can find some use for it.”

“Craig’s not in the mood.”

“You named it?”

“Of course I named it. Otherwise,, he’d just be an unnamed stranger giving me the most awesome climax in my life.”

That got him to stop laughing, and he quirked an eyebrow at me. “Is that a challenge?”

I batted my eyelashes at him. “Are you up to it?”

Lawson turned the 150cm silicone sex doll to him. “What’d you say, Craig? Are you up to double-stuffing this boy until he learns some respect for the both of us?”

Him talking to the sex doll was sorta funny. I giggled thinking he was joking, but he brought Craig over to lie on the bed next to me. Lawson tugged his shirt over his head and i watched him strip completely naked before he beckoned to me.

“Come to Daddy, beautiful.”

I swallowed hard and crawled to him on my knees, the promise of a double stuffing almost had me tripping over the edge of the bed in my haste. I was already pretty much semi-prepped from all our rough play before.

“Yes, Daddy?” I inhaled deeply and moaned as the scent of him hit me hard in the groin.

“Do you want it?” he asked me softly, brushing my hair away from my cheeks.

“Please, Daddy. I want it so bad.”

“And will you show me how you ride that doll when I’m not around?

Another whimper left my throat. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Good. Go ahead and show me. And maybe if you’re really good then we’ll double-stuff you. Do you like the idea of that?”

“Yes, Daddy. So so much.”

“Then impress me, my boy.”

Daddy Lawson's POV

He didn’t need any more encouragement. His lips came down on my dick, wrapping around the head and sucking hard like a piece of hard candy. He treated it just like one, a hand, cupping my balls, holding onto them tight while he swallowed my dick. He at least tried to, but no way was he getting all those inches down.

I wrapped my hand in the hair falling down his face, obscuring the blissed look I knew I would find there. I wound the long tresses around my hand and thrust my hip. He raised his eyes to look up at me, his pupils already so shot from me just fucking his throat.

God, he was fucking perfect. With those pouty pink lips. I pulled out of his mouth and while he gasped for air, rubbed my cock over the lower half of his face before I smacked his lips. His tongue darted out for another taste, but I evaded him, pulling him up to his full height on his knees.

I bent to kiss him, my tongue fucking his mouth the way I wanted to fill him with my dick. But not yet. I was already working myself up too much. I released him so suddenly he fell back against the bed with a cry. His chest heaved, the diamonds in his nipples had me licking my lips.

“Show me,” I rasped. “I want to see how you do it when you’re alone and feeling horny. When your fingers aren’t enough to give you what you want.”

He moaned, crawling over to the doll. “I need lube. Please, Daddy.”

I found the lube where it was in the open on the night table. I handed it to him, keeping my distance, or I might just drag him back to me and forget the doll. The urge to see him fucking that inanimate object was too strong though.

Opie lubed the hard silicone dick before reaching back to fuck his ass with his fingers. When he was satisfied, he climbed onto the doll which was in a semi-reclined position against the pillows. He straddled the toy, grasped the cock, lined it up against his hole and rocked down.

I couldn’t tell which was louder. Opie’s cry or my groan as the cock that wasn’t mine slid into what was mine. Opie rose and fell rocking off and onto the doll’s cock. I couldn’t get enough of the sight of him, the way he got into it, bracing against the headboard and really slammed his ass down onto doll so hard it rocked beneath him.

“Oh god, oh my god,” he chanted, hands going back to clutch his ass cheeks and push them apart.

That was the final straw. I reached for the lube and slicked it down my dick. He startled when I hopped onto the bed and gave a squeak when I pushed his body forward.

“Now?” I asked him, pressing my dick to the point where the silicone was already deep inside him.

“Yes, please. Need to feel you inside me, Daddy.”

“God, you’re such a beautiful greedy boy.”

“Only for you, Daddy.”

I bit his ear and chuckled. “And apparently this doll I have to share you with.”

“No, just you, Daddy.”

My cock pushed against his hole, breaching the tight space left for me to wedge into. Opie cried out, panted and clutched at the bed head.

“Fuck,” I expelled as I slid deeper. “Is that enough?”

“No,” he moaned. “Want more. Give me more, Daddy.”

I bent him over the doll and pushed, sliding inches more inside him. I pulled back a little and thrust again, giving him even more of me. He keened, his cries increasing. His body was taut as hung on while I bucked against him.

It was a little bit of heaven I didn’t know that I needed. My cock nestled so tightly inside him, it seemed I’d never get out again. I didn’t want to get out. I could fuck him like this forever and find sustenance. Vigor. Peace. Happiness.

“Daddy, please?” he begged me. “Can I touch myself? Can I come? So close, Daddy.”

“Yes,” I cried hoarsely, almost at the verge myself. There was no slowing down. My body knew only one pace—hard and fast, my pelvis slapping into his ass over and over, leaving them deliciously red.

His hand moved rapidly as he stroked his dick while I pumped his ass full. He might enjoy the sex doll when I wasn’t around, but I could give him the real thing, what no doll could ever be able to. He grunted as he came. I grasped his hips and thrust into him, punishing his hole for being so fucking good I was already addicted.

“Opie,” his name strangled out of me. “Fuck, Opie. So good.”

My balls tightened, and my cock pulsed as I came inside him. As my breathing returned to normal, I pulled out slowly before doing the same to the wrecked doll between us. Opie moaned, a hand coming back as his fingers pressed inside the gaping hole that remained. He turned his head to look at me as he brought his hand to his mouth and licked.

I knew he was going to be my detriment.

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