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January first I started a new challenge with a wonderful group of authors. I would dedicate at least ten minutes to writing every single day. This resulted in me writing the complete first draft of my WIP in 16 days. Formerly titled Daddy's Bratty Bait, this book has been through rigorous beta reading thanks to Megan Dischinger and Irish Hill.

This is the most fun I've had writing a book. I absolutely adore the main characters and the sidekicks. I knew that there was no way I would be able to give up these characters so soon, so there are several more books that will make up this ongoing series. Sully is a possessive growly hitman and Kit's a sunshine kitty who knows how to use his body to get his own way. So you know what you're getting yourself into, Kit's an immature, preppy, bouncing off the wall happy kind of guy, shameless, inappropriate, but growing! Always growing.

Want to know what's in store for you? Think a mashup of Pretty Woman and Bonnie and Clyde. With kitty play!

Lure contains a few scenes depicting graphic violence but is otherwise sweet and sexy.

Here's an artist's interpretation of Kit. This art credit goes to Keni Aryani.


Cover Designer: Cate Ashwood Release Date: March Preorder Link: BLURB

When it comes to book smarts, I'll never be anyone's first choice. Luckily, when a wealthy and dangerous stranger picks me off the street to work for him, he wants me for my bod.

KIT I'm the bait tasked with luring men into his trap. I have no idea what he does with them. I don't want to know. Until the night he tells me to run, but I stay. Now I know what he's really capable of...the blood on his hands... But the danger, being part of something so exciting, only makes me want him more.

SULLY My life was simple before he swishes his way into it with his catsuits and kitty ear headbands. I’m only interested in the men he gets me close enough to kill. Until he pounces in my lap, meows at me, and changes everything. I'm straight, but I want him. I send him to lure men, but they must not touch him. I take pleasure in seeing them want him, but know they’ll never have him. This cat-and-mouse game between us can only end one way. Should I let him go before his innocence gets stained by the darkness of my world?

Lure is the first book in The Hitman's Bait series with a grumpy hitman and the boy he hires to lure men into a trap. All books in this series will be of the same couple, and each book will end with an HFN. Each book will follow a different lead. There is no cheating and no breakups between the main characters. The couple enjoys exhibitionism and playing flirtatious games with other men, observing strict rules of a no-touch policy, but watching is absolutely free.

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