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Catching Up With Grimm


It's Grimm. I wasn't sure what you all wanted me to talk about, so Jamie gave me a list of topics that you guys might want an update on. If this blows, you know who to blame. In brief, Jamie and I are still going strong, a little hiccup here and there, but as always we'll pull through it. The structure of the club is also stable again despite everything we've been through lately. In fact, I'll just start with club business to address the huge elephant in the room.

Club Matters

Some of you are possibly upset with the way the club handled what happened to Zak. I imagine as the club president I was expected to make things better. Now I don't owe anyone an explanation of the way I handle my club, especially to those who have no idea what it's like to live your life under club code before you could even say your name.

I'd like to go on the record to say that I like Zak. Good guy, good heart, makes dumb mistakes from time to time. Sometimes those mistakes come with penalties. There was no way he could walk away from the Grimm Reapers unscathed. In fact, he got away light because it's Zak and everyone likes Zak. No kidding, had this been anyone else he would be dead right now. Not just minus a couple of fingers.

I'm not downplaying what he went through, but it's facts. Zak's not dead right now because of Booker and the camaraderie he had with the guys. I can't divulge club business to you, but we do things by votes. I'm the president, but I'm not authoritarian. The votes kept Zak alive and Booker remaining as our Vice-President. So maybe Jamie got involved, crashed our church meeting, and gave the men a proper tongue-lashing before they voted. (And yes, I did punish him for it, but I am also proud of him.) I was wrong to think he wouldn't fit in with us. He's tough and up to the task of being with a Reaper. I couldn't love that boy any more than I already do.

Back to Zak and the way I handled that issue. I was put in a very awkward position of playing favorites, which I refuse to do with the club. My whole heart went out to Booker. He's my best friend. But if I'd disregarded what Zak did or taken action against those club members responsible right away, my men would have questioned my loyalty to the club. That spells nothing but disaster and chaos. I worked too hard to start this club and get it to where it is today to have that happen. I had to be neutral and have Booker find a way to handle what happened to Zak. I didn't for one thing he would ever be able to let it go, and that's fine, as long as I wasn't the one instigating a fight against men who acted in the 'interest' of the club.

Now I'm done explaining the Zak situation. We've all moved on as best as we can, and the greatest thing is that we're all alive, and the club didn't suffer. We have new prospects, some very promising, and I see great things in our future.

About Joel

Joel is doing great in Boston. I'm so proud of him. He passed the bar just last week, and we have the first official lawyer in the family. Nope, he'll never represent the Reapers. I still don't want his connections to the club to be known. He deserves to live his life without the club hanging over his head.

If only Joel would date, but Jamie says he's not seeing anyone. I guess a part of me still feels a bit guilty for being the one to wind up with Jamie since Joel always had a crush on him. I'll feel a thousand times better when he's found his someone special. He'll be visiting us next week which has me on edge. Jamie, Cass, and Fable already cause enough of a stir. Plus, I always worry one of our bikers may take a shine to Joel. Not over my dead body.

About Jamie

Jamie and I are doing great. My only complaint is that his work is demanding and keeps him away for long hours. I know I shouldn't be, but his strength took me by surprise. He's definitely a keeper. He knows what we do borders on illegal many times, but he doesn't bat an eye when one of our men comes to the club needing to be patched up. And he's the ray of sunshine that makes everyone laugh. I don't know how I ran this club without him by my side.

As I said before though, his job sometimes gets in the way. He keeps crazy hours that affect when I see him. For two weeks, he was in and out of the compound, leaving my bed mostly cold. When he does get home, he is usually so tired he will sleep for twelve whole hours. I tried not to complain about it. I know he works hard. I must not have hidden my grumpiness well enough. I became a whiny little bitch. Something I will never admit to the guys. But I actually got sulky that I wasn't getting any.

Then last night I came home after a ride with the boys on club business. I don't think I can get the sight that greeted me out of my mind. Jamie dressed in nothing but heels and a leather harness. So fucking hot. My boy marched me up to our bedroom and did things to me I've never done with anyone else. My ass was sore after and not just for the way he fucked me either.

Let's just say I now look at spanking in a whole new light. Especially when it's done with leather. Now I'm satisfied until another hiatus and I need sex again. Fuck, I hate being the needy one that is pacified with sex, but yeah, the cat's out of the bag. If I don't get any for a while, my men can barely tolerate me. Soon as I get some, I'm all fluffy kitten. Sickening, but true.

Anyway, Jamie's promised me a date tonight, so I'm gonna go get cleaned up. Next time I'll just have Jamie update you on us.

P.S Don't expect me to divulge club matters to you again.

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Love the updates but that Daddy Grimm gave us. Thank you

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