Gianni Holmes is a USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary MM  romance. Under G.S. Holmes she writes fantasy in an omegaverse. 

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A Step-dad romance

I have seven days at sea to convince my Daddy that I don’t want someone else to take the V-card I’ve been throwing at him for the last two years. He’s just too blind to see that the traits he’s looking for in a Daddy for me are all the ones he already possesses.

This is my last shot to let him see that I have only one criterion for a Daddy.

That man must be Jeff.

Can I prove to him that the brief history we share does not make him ineligible for being my Daddy in all the ways I need him?

New release

Can their love grow stronger than a twelve year old grudge?


Mitch spent the last twelve years dreaming about his plans when he gets out of the slammer. The last thing he expects is to be abducted the same day he’s released from prison. And sure as hell not by the boy who’s responsible for his criminal record. But Cesare is no longer the sniveling, pathetic, abused boy Mitch protected that day. He’s the Boss of the Lacovelli family. And one glimpse of the onesie beneath the boy’s expensive suit is enough to make Mitch’s knees go weak.

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Dodging bullets and jumping from two story buildings are things I’d only ever seen in movies.

Never would I have expected that this would become my life.

I keep deadly secrets for the man I love.

I’ll follow him across countries to have his back.

Why am I willing to risk everything for him?

Because of the look in his eyes when I purr for him.


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