Coming may

An age gap motorcycle club romance with grit and heat.

When this cold-blooded enforcer meets the guy who's likely to break his heart, will he be able to protect himself, or is it already too late?

As a member of the Grimm Reapers motorcycle club, Mort is used to sharing his space, his time, and his expertise as a cremator. But the one thing he's not willing to share is the hangaround that he's fixated on. 

After his experience with sex, men, and love, Cass has never looked for anything special from anyone. When his best friends find their forever Daddies, Cass has a longing to find a love of his own. But Cass doesn't need a Daddy. In fact, all he wants is the mean grumpy biker they call The Mortician. 

Will Mort get the kind of love that he's always wanted or will he find what he needs instead with Cass?


The Mortician is a gritty biker romance with morally ambiguous characters. This book is approximately 115k words.

Coming august

Ari's desire to be with Shaw spans years. Long before he had any business thinking about the older man. After being sent away for four years to live with his father, Ari is back, and he is determined to have Shaw be his Daddy. Will Shaw stick things through with Ari when he learns his sweet angel is rotten to the core?