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The Daddies are back and dirtier than ever in this brand new Dirty Daddies anthology!

Love comes in all shapes, sizes, and gender pairings and these 26 brand new, smoking hot daddies are here to prove it. No matter how you like your daddies — stern and sexy or sweet and cuddly — this anthology has a little something for everyone.

My story Glut features a boy who wants a Daddy to call his own but doubts he'll find one who doesn't mind that he enjoys gangbangs. 


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Sully and Kit's adventure continues in Hook. Has Sully eliminated the problem in book 2 or has he just placed a target on his back?



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I have seven days at sea to convince my Daddy that I don’t want someone else to take the V-card I’ve been throwing at him for the last two years. He’s just too blind to see that the traits he’s looking for in a Daddy for me are all the traits that he already possesses.

This is my last shot to let him see that I have only one criterion for a Daddy.

That man must be Jeff.

Can I prove to him that the brief history we share does not make him ineligible for being my Daddy in all the ways I need him?