Coming October

One determined outlaw biker.
A more determined lovesick boy. 

Graeme has always kept his son's best friend at arm's length. The "Half-Way" spells nothing but trouble. 
The thrashing he gave the boy when he's sixteen to keep him away corrected the behavior well enough. Until Jamie leaves town for college with one chilling promise:

I'm coming back for you.

When I grow up, I'm going to marry your Dad. 

Jamie has set his sights on "Daddy Grimm" since before he was legal. The day Grimm sets him straight about being nothing but trouble makes him back off. 
But he's always been waiting. 
Now he's back to fulfill his promise, opting to complete his residency in Smoky Vale. This time he's determined to capture the heart of the big bad biker whose secret fetish Jamie knows only too well.

Can Graeme ignore his little Half-Way to keep him safe, or will his walls collapse when he learns Jamie is aware of his kink and wants him anyway?

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