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Are you curious about what's coming next from me? Take a peek below.

Coming Mar. 21st


Noah Burgess is off limits.

He’s too young for me.

He’s my law firm partner’s only child.

And he’s a whole lot of trouble in a pint-sized package.

But he’s also vulnerable and carries around a wounded heart disguised by dirty deeds and poor judgment.

When he is expelled from college for an inappropriate relationship with his professor, he winds up living at my home for two weeks.

Just enough time for him to get under my skin.

Noah Burgess is fighting demons, and I can no longer stand by while he does it alone. But when my own world puts him in danger, do I let him go or keep him even closer to me?

Coming April

Tackle Ebook.jpg


Calling a truce with the Grimaldos should have given us all a breather.

I should celebrate that my contract as a hitman for the mafia is ending.

Instead, I find myself involved with the mafia more than ever.

My life is spiraling out of control.

Nothing makes sense anymore.

Except the need to protect my kitten at all costs.


If my near-death experiences have taught me anything, it’s that I was born to survive.

To love a hitman named Sullivan Matthews.

And that I’ll be no one’s victim ever again.

Everyone thinks my heart is too soft.

That I’ll never be as ruthless as I want to be.

But soon I have no choice.

The one thing more savage than a hitman’s need to protect his lover…

Is his lover’s need to protect him.

If we can’t walk away from this life alive. Then we’ll just have to take over this city and make it ours.

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