Gianni Holmes fell in love with her first gay romance book in 2017 when she read her first gay romance novel. She was easily hooked to these books where non-traditional unions ended with a HEA. This led to her penning her first gay romance title Falling for Mr. Corporate. She's been writing in this genre since.

Hailing from the Caribbean, Gianni loves to create a world where her characters find happiness even if it takes them a while to get there. She holds a honors degree in Spanish and International Relations. As an educator for the past five years, she teaches Spanish Language and Literature. As a writer, she creates naughty and some nice characters. 

Her most popular series the Taking Care trilogy is available in ebook, and paperback, with audio coming soon. While she writes a variety of gay romance ranging from angsty to light, romantic suspense, and steamy, Gianni guarantees you an enjoyable and unpredictable ride.

Hope you enjoy this journey!

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